About Us

Organizations team up with outsourcing service providers primarily to save money and bring more efficiency to their business specific functions. That is exactly what IVR Outsourcing assists businesses in. IVR Outsourcing is a trusted and renowned provider of services related to Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS),an automated or computerized way of letting a caller/consumer/customer interact with your business.

We serve a wide range of clientele with the sole purpose of making their consumer engagement methods more enriching, effectual, convenient, and cost-efficient. We empower our clients to build remarkable customer relationship with personalized interactions.

Companies must ensure that they offer instant, convenient, and friendly support provisions for their customers. This can be ensured by availing our impeccable and unblemished IVR services. We have a pool of highly proficient IVR programming technicians and staffs who can ensure comprehensive solutions to businesses.

We specialize in offering comprehensive range of IVR related services, which include Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Hosted IVR Solutions, Voice Portals, building Web-Voice Applications, E-Commerce and Websites solutions. We also help companies in conducting automated surveys of market and/or collecting consumers feedbacks. Our IVRS related services not only help businesses in minimizing their overall expenditures on customer care functions, but also ensure that their customers are offered instant and appropriate support.

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